Why images with accent overlay appears different on Internet Explorer/Edge?

In different places of the theme, we apply an overlay over your images, based on the accent color you have defined in the theme settings. This is the case on home page or collection page, for instance.

However, you will realize that in Internet Explorer and Edge, it will appear slightly different than in other modern browsers. The reason is that we are using a very modern technique to automatically blend your accent color over your images. This is completely supported in latest versions of Firefox, Safari and Chrome, but unfortunately Internet Explorer and Edge do not support yet this feature (but this is coming soon!).

In those browsers, we use a different technique which gives slightly different results (the image may appear a bit paler). Hopefully, this is not really an issue, as your Internet Explorer/Edge users won't notice the difference. And, as browsers evolve, soon even Internet Explorer/Edge users will have the same result!