Choosing a good background pattern

This article only applies to the theme Trademark.

Trademark allows you to specify a background pattern on some pages (like home page). The background pattern can adds a subtle touch to your pages and reinforce your brand's identity.

However, in order for it to look good, you must carefully choose a good, repeatable background image pattern. Here are few advices:

  • Keep the pattern simple. Repeatable means that the theme will automatically repeat the same image over and over until it fills the whole page. This means that if you duplicate both horizontally and vertically the same image, it must looks good.
  • Keep the pattern small. Usually, a small square of 64x64 is enough. We highly discourage you to upload a very large pattern.
  • Make it subtle and non-distractive. Uploading a background pattern with pinky hearts is not a good idea. Not only it will make your store looks "heavy", it will also distract your customers who will focus more on the pattern than your products. Remember, the pattern must serve your brand, not the opposite!