PRODUCT - Choosing hand-picked related products

This feature is only available for Focal (starting from version 5), Kagami (starting from version 4), Trademark (all versions), Prestige (all versions) and Warehouse (all versions).

While our app SuperFields offer the easiest and fastest way, you can also use your existing metafield app by manually configuring it by re-using the correct metafields namespace/key:  learn more by clicking here.

All our themes come with an easy way to enable related products on the product page.

By default, the theme will use Shopify's product recommendation algorithm to select which products will be shown. You can, however, replace the recommendations with manually selected products.

Focal V8, Prestige V5, Warehouse V2

There are two ways to add this: you can either show the same products on every product page, or you can select different products per product page. Please select the appropriate section below:

Showing the same related products on every product page

Open the theme editor and choose "Product pages" in the page selector at the top:

Then, click on the "Default product" template:


Under the "Product recommendations" section, click on "Add Product":


Then click on "Select product" and select the product you want to display:


Repeat steps 2 and 3 to add more products.

Showing different linked products for every product page

We will first need to create metafields. Metafields are additional information you can attach to your products, to save specialized information like related products. To do that, open the settings of your Shopify store, and click on the "Metafields" section:

Click on "Products":

Then click on "Add definition" button to add a new metafield. For the name, enter for instance "Related Products - product 1" (you can enter any name, but it is a good practice to use a meaningful name so it is easier to edit in the future). Click on "Select content type" and choose "Reference" in the dropdown:

Select "Product", and click on Save to save the metafield:

If you want to show more associated products, repeat this step for up to 6 times (but name the new metafields "Related products - product 2" for instance).


Now that we have created the metafields, we will need to connect them to the theme editor.

To do that, open the theme editor and choose "Product pages" in the page selector at the top:

Then, click on the "Default product" template:

Under the "Product recommendations" section, click on "Add product":


Now, click on the database-like icon next to "Product 1":

Shopify will show the list of metafields, select the "Related Product 1" metafield we have created earlier (or whatever you have named it):


Now that we have connected the metafields, the last thing we need to do is actually select the products we want to highlight on a given product page. To do that, open Shopify admin and select your product in the "Products" part of the admin:

At the very bottom of the product in the admin, you will now find a new "Metafields" category, showing all the metafields you have created in step 1. In our case, we are interested in the "Related Products 1" metafield. Click on it to select the related product you want to show for this product. Finally, save the product.

If you have created more metafields to show additional related products, you can also select products for them. Repeat this step for each of your products in order to set up all related products.

Prestige V4 and earlier, Warehouse V1 and earlier, Focal V7 and earlier

Hopefully, all our themes natively integrate with our app SuperFields, which allows you to hand-pick related products on a per-product basis. You can follow our guide to learn more about how to use our app.


Install our app. You can download it in the App Store by  clicking here. This app is priced $8.90 / month (it has 7 days trial).


From the "Apps" section of your admin, open the SuperFields app. In the "Configure metafields" section, click on "Products":

If this is the first time you are using the app, you will have no groups created. The app will automatically display you the theme integration. Some of our themes provide different integrations, so make sure that you click on the " Hand-picked related products" one:


Click on the "Install" button. It will automatically reload the page and display the configuration. Do not be afraid, it's already over, you can now leave the app!

If you are not seeing this, or if the app says that "Your theme does not have any integration with SuperFields", make sure that our theme is set as the published theme. If it's not the published one, the application won't be able to detect it. If you have verified that the theme is indeed the published one, do not hesitate to contact us and we'll be happy to have a look!


Now that the app is installed and properly configured, we can start some more interesting stuff.

In your Shopify admin, open a product for which you want to add a custom tab. In the product page, click on the "More actions" link, and select "Edit product metafields":

Click on this button. You will be automatically redirected to our application. You will be able to hand-pick the products:

Please note that you may need to wait up to 30 seconds after saving before the changes appear on your product pages.