Why promotion popup does not show up on mobile?

All our themes featured a promotion popup, which allows you to display a short information as well as a form to collect email to your newsletter. In order to be readable and easy to use, our promotion popup are using a full-screen modal.

However, starting from January 2017, Google will start penalizing websites that are using so-called "intrusive interstitials" (more info can be found here). In other words, modal that appear out of nowhere and block the main content will be considered by Google as a bad practice, and your ranking on mobile search engines may low down.

We've found out that this feature was mostly used to collect emails, but it appears that all our themes come with dedicated section in the page to also collect emails in your MailChimp account. As a consequence, we felt that it is better to comply with the new Google rules, and to keep the screen free of those promotion interstitials (this is also a better user experience practice on small screens). This is why promotion popup no longer display on mobile.