Creating a FAQ page

FAQ page is only supported on our themes Kagami and Trademark.

Kagami and Trademark come with a beautifully designed FAQ page. It can be useful to answer most common questions about your products and, hence, reducing your support. Just follow those steps to create your own page.


First, you need to create a new page in Shopify admin. If you are already logged into your Shopify admin, just  click here.

Leave the content of this page empty. On the bottom right, you should find a box called "Templates". In the dropdown menu, select the template called "page.faq":

This list may vary depending on the theme you are using. The important is to select "page.faq" one. If you do not see the "page.faq" template, make sure that our theme is published (you can also select alternate templates of the active, published theme).


Make the page accessible from your website in the "Navigation" section. For instance, you may decide to add a link to this page in the main menu, or in the footer.


Open the Theme Editor, and navigate to the "FAQ" page you've just created. In the "Sections" tab, you should see a new section called "FAQ":


Click on this "FAQ" section. In the new section that appears, you will then be able to create as many questions as you want! Make sure to save the settings before leaving.

If you do not see the "FAQ" section, this is because you are likely not on the FAQ page (but on the home page). In order to see this section, make sure that you have manually navigated to the FAQ page in the theme editor.

You can only have up to one FAQ page per store.