HOME PAGE - Avoiding slideshow crop

Slideshow in Focal is using a fixed height on desktop. This means that in order to keep a good quality image, we "crop" the image. As a consequence, some part of your slideshow images may be hidden.

That's why we always recommend to upload images whose point of interest is around the middle of the image.

However, you can disable this cropping feature. To do that, open the theme editor and, near the bottom, you should find a link that reads "Edit code":

Click on it : you will be redirected to the code section. Open the folder called "Snippets":

Open the file called "theme_features.liquid" (it should be around the bottom of the list). On line 20, you should find this line:

{% assign theme_features_slider_crop = true %}

Simply change it to that:

{% assign theme_features_slider_crop = false %}

Make sure to save the file!

Please note that this option comes with its own disadvantages: you will need to make sure that all your images have exactly the same size. Also, you will need to make sure that your images are tall enough so that all the text can be added.