PRODUCT - Adding global tabs to product pages

It is often useful to add more information in your product page, in addition to the product's description.

To that extent, our themes offer a feature called "global tabs". Global tabs are tabs that are added to all your products. Those are useful to add information such as your shipping conditions, or any other information that is common to all your products.

Global tabs are linked to a Shopify page. This page will actually hold the content of your tab.

Therefore, you will need first to create your page in your Shopify admin (if you are already logged to the admin, you can  click directly here).

Then, you will need to open the theme editor, and going to a product while you're in the theme editor, so you can have access to the product section configuration.

The process slightly differs in our theme.

Focal and Trademark

For Focal and Trademark themes, locate the "Tabs" sub-section, and choose the page you'd like to be displayed in your tabs:


Kagami theme is a bit more advanced, and allows you to re-order the various tab. In the product section, click on "Add content", and click on "Global tab":

You will then be able to choose the page you want to use for content.