Removing "Powered by Shopify"

By default, our themes add a "Powered by Shopify" link in the footer. While you cannot remove it from the theme settings, it is relatively easy to remove it from the code.

To do that, in the list of themes, click on the three dots icon (...) and "Edit HTML / CSS" link:

On the left, you'll see a list of folders ( Layout, Templates, Sections...). Open the "Sections" folder, and click on the file called "footer.liquid" to open it.

If the "Sections" folder is empty, this is because you are using an older version of the theme. If that's the case, click on the "Snippets" folder instead, and click on the file called "footer.liquid" to open it.

On the right, the file's content should display. You'll now need to locate the {{ powered_by_link }} piece of code. The exact line depends on your theme and your theme's version. In order to help you, you can search through the file by typing Ctrl + F on Windows or Cmd + F on Mac. Just type "powered" and the code to delete should appear.

For instance, here is how it appears on our theme Kagami:

After deleting it, the code simply becomes:

Finally, make sure to save the updated file by clicking on the "Save" button, situated on the top right corner of the code editor.